United Movement Organized Kindness (UMOK) is a nonprofit that has been serving people in need for over a decade providing key product and goods to support individuals and families going through challenging life circumstances throughout the west coast. Based out of Las Vegas, they have sophisticated operating capabilities to absorb companies excess products and distribute those products to other nonprofits throughout the western United States. They have operations (warehouses) strategically located in North Las Vegas near large return center operations for Amazon, Walmart and other large shippers.

Vesta Value

Vesta Freight is UMOK’s outsourced transportation provider that offers timely and affordable truckload capacity for donation orders above UMOK’s owner operator base. Vesta Freights team
of logisticians can source needed variable capacity within an hour of UMOK’s request and execute those moves with best-in-class service and communication. 

What was the problem you were facing before choosing Vesta Freight? 

The need for versatile and nimble transportation capacity that aligns well with my owner operator base.

Why did you choose Vesta Freight?

I needed a transportation provider who was always available 24/7 that could provide as much capacity as needed to support my customers and my strategic relationship with Amazon.

How did Vesta Freight solve your problem? 

Vesta Freight aligns well and is complimentary to the owner operator base of drivers we use. Vesta Freight is an extension of our company being a trusted outsourced transportation partner.

What are the measurable results of the service Vesta Freight provided? 

Service responsiveness with my strategic partnership with Amazon and favorable transportation rates on key strategic lanes and corridors.

If possible, do you have any data and metrics that prove the success of Vesta Freight? 

Vesta Freight has helped me scale my business by 50% over the past year.

How has Vesta Freight changed how you do business? 

Vesta Freight has allowed me to have more time to place my orders more effectively due to their responsiveness to new orders and shipments.

What advice do you have for others considering this solution? 

Do not hire that next person in your traffic management or transportation department. Partner with Vesta Freight instead.

Anything else you would like to add regarding vesta freight? 

I appreciate how Vesta Freight aligns with my in-house owner operator network. The seamless work within all of the processes of my company including Freight Audit and Pay.

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1010 N. Main St., Las Vegas, NV 89101

us@umokindness.org • umokindness.org